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The Mobile Marketing Voodoo edge gives you unmatchable online services to convert your traditional business and or older style site into a more responsive modern fluid grid mobile website. The success of our company is actually based on the use of highly proven methods, techniques and standards! We follow strict online development trends, and the most important part of our business is our long years of professional experience and industry knowledge in the field. Join us and give your business the future proofing boost it needs & deserves. .


Using the digital tools available to push your business direction forward into the digital information age.


Being future proof with a well organised plan is essential to the success & growth of your online business edge.


Problems are a part of business without problems & solutions there would be no business we just get it.


We like to keep a close and personal analytical eye on the health of your business.

The Challenge

No mobile website means lost customers! If you want to take your business to higher levels of success, then this is the best time for you to have a mobile-friendly website. Do not just focus on designing your site for a mobile device. Rather, design your site for all different devices, from those tiny phones to huge flat-screens. This is also the ultimate time for you to take full advantage of the best mobile marketing standards in the industry as provided by – Mobile Marketing Voodoo.


With premium completely custom mobile sites that we make, you’ll turn your online visitors into loyal customers.


With mockups we ensure all of our clients are happy with how their online presence is perceived & received.


Here at Mobile Marketing Voodoo we love all the technical stuff, so rest assured you’re left to focus on your business.

The Solution

Whether you have been in the business for many years or you have just started to establish an online business, it really pays more to have a mobile friendly website. Smartphones and some other mobile devices are actually fast becoming if they’re not already the most preferred method of online access. If your customers cannot open your site with the use of their mobile devices, they will go to your competitor’s website. It is for this reason that it is vital to build or upgrade your website to a mobile optimized site. If you do not have a mobile site yet, then you have to get one as soon as possible!

Increase Your Business Revenue


Boost Your Online Visibility

Convert Your Online Visitors Into Customers

Market Your Business To A Greater Number Of Online Customers

Mobile Marketing Voodoo Services

Mobile Marketing Voodoo offers a comprehensive range of mobile solutions to transform your traditional website to a mobile one. All our clients are highly important for us that is why we are pleased to deliver the best services to help you establish a mobile presence, increase your leads, turn your online visitors into customers and ensure that they will remain loyal to your business

Search Engine Optimization

Google and some others search engines have different indexes for Mobile.

With a state-of-the-art SEO approach and tools, we make sure that your website contents will be recognized by search engines.

Mobile Responsive Layouts

We ensure to give you an enjoyable internet browsing experience regardless of the size of your device screen or the browser you are using.

the entire layouts of your website will respond effectively on the screen resolution of your mobile device.

Fluid Grid Layouts & Frameworks

Because of its flexible and versatile character, this guarantees a mobile-friendly web page layout on any type of mobile device.

The primary part of the framework is actually the fluid grid system. It is mainly based on CSS and is cross-browser compatible.

All The Right Things

Each of our clients is important to us that is why we have established these services to make sure that they achieve their business goals quickly and effectively. If you want to thrive in your business, then you must never ignore the power of going mobile. Just contact us, we’ll refine a custom package, you’ll obtain a quote and make your business mobile instantly! This will definitely help in achieving your business goals without costing the world.

Indeed, the mobile web is now evolving rapidly. If your business website is not optimized for mobile yet, then your site visibility and usability is in great jeopardy. You are also running the risk of losing your potential customers. Sixty-one percent of users are less likely to revisit a site that isn’t mobile friendly. So, are you willing to take the risk? Take full advantage of our mobile services now and achieve real business success.

Creating Premium Mobile Sites

Creating Premium Mobile Sites

Like No Other

Millions of customers these days are looking for products and services online through their mobile devices.

Mobile Markenting

Mobile Markenting

Getting The Edge

What sets us apart from any other is our ability to provide high quality mobile marketing services to each of our clients.

Online Maintenance Services

Online Maintenance Services

Gotta Be Done

This is to ensure that your business will maintain its competitive advantage & your clients never leave your business.

Why Choose Mobile Marketing Voodoo?

Responsive, versatile and intuitive – our platform is actually built in order to help you go mobile easily and quickly. At Mobile Marketing Voodoo, we offer high quality and professional services to meet the changing requirements of the online industry and suit all your needs. We will always be pleased to deliver the most reliable services to help upgrade and create your mobile website today!

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As we like to maintain an astoundingly unprecedented high level of service to existing & new customers we actually only take on customers from time to time as we see fit to handle & so this is why you will not find other contact possibilities than what is provided at this time. Enquiries & requirements will be vetted on a case by case basis, we hope you become one of the lucky ones.